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Starting at  $145

The Bumper to Bumper Detail is our most popular package and the best way to keep your vehicle looking it's very best.

We go over every inch of the vehicle to remove all the dirt, stains and spills.  The seats will be removed if necessary.  The carpet and seats receive an exhaustive vacuum until all the dirt, sand and dog hair is removed.  We then use heated cleaning agents and a pressure extractor to lift and remove stains and stuck on dirt. 

All vinyl  and plastic surfaces are cleaned and treated with a UV blocking treatment.  The windows are cleaned along with door jams and the trunk. 

Finally, the exterior is waxed using Simonize polymer wax and hand buffed to a shine. Rims are acid washed and tire shine is applied to the tires and your vehicle looks like new again.

Allow 5-8 hours for this comprehensive service.  Ask about a ride home when you drop off your vehicle or leave it over night.

Large trucks, SUV's, vans and extremely soiled interiors or interiors with a lot of dog hair will be a little extra but still worth it.

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